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Buff-tailed bumblebee
Bombus terrestris
The buff-tailed bumblebee or large earth bumblebee, is one of the most numerous bumblebee species in Europe.

Ashy Mining Bee
(Andrena cineraria)
The Ashy mining bee or grey mining bee, andrena cineraria, is a European species of the sand bee (Andrena) genus. Another classic from Michael Anthony at Abney Hall.

Rhogogaster chlorosoma
Rhogogaster chlorosoma is a species of sawflies in the family Tenthredinidae. thanks to Abney Hall and Michael Anthony Brathwaite.

Common Wasp
(Vespula vulgaris)
Vespula vulgaris, known as the common wasp, is a wasp found in various regions of the world including the United Kingdom, Germany, India, China, New Zealand, and Australia. It is sometimes known as the European wasp.

Tree Bumblebee
(Bombus hypnorum)
Captured at Abney Hall by Michael Anthony Brathwaite.

Vespula germanica
Vespula germanica (European wasp, German wasp, or German yellow jacket) is a species of wasp found in much of the Northern Hemisphere, native to Europe, Northern Africa, and temperate Asia. Credit for this fine capture at Reddish Vale goes to John Holme.

Large Rose Sawfly
Arge pagana is a sawfly in the family Argidae and Sheila Moth managed to capture these in her garden.

Ichneumon Wasp
The Ichneumonidae are a parasitoid wasp family within the order Hymenoptera. They are important parasitoids of other invertebrates. Credit goes to John Holme for this Abney Hall specimen.

Tenthredo mesomela
Tenthredo mesomela is a sawfly species belonging to the family Tenthredinidae (common sawflies), Thanks to Michael Anthony Brathwaite for this stunning capture taken at Abney Hall.

Blue Mason Bee
Osmia caerulescens
Osmia caerulescens, the blue mason bee, is a species of solitary bee from the family Megachilidae. Thanks to Michael Brierley for being in his garden to capture this lovely female.

Chrysis ignita
Chrysis ignita, also known as the ruby-tailed wasp, is a species of cuckoo wasps. Thanks to Sheila Moth for capturing this in her garden.

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