Welcome To Stockport's Collection Of Spiders

Garden Spider
(Araneus diadematus)
A few names are given to this little European garden spider such as Crowned Orb Weaver and Cross Spider. This lovely specimen was provided by Wendy Hedgewitch Dutton in her garden.

Domestic House Spider
Tegenaria domestica
Thank you Alison Scott for sharing your scary moment with SNW.

wolf spider
Thanks to James Dempsey-Riley for this creepy sample taken from his garden.

Araniella Cucurbitina
Araniella cucurbitina, sometimes called the "cucumber green spider", is a spider of the family AraneidaeA great capture in the garden by Sheila Moth.

Tetragnatha Montana
Tetragnatha montana, commonly known as the silver stretch spider is a species of long jawed orb weaver. This was captured in Chadkirk Chapel garden by Billy Reid.

Philodromus dispar
Philodromus dispar is a philodromid crab spider found on trees and bushes and this male was captured by michael brierley in his garden.

Zebra Spider
(Salticus scenicus)
The zebra back spider is a common jumping spider of the Northern Hemisphere. Thanks goes to Michael Brierley for this capture in his garden.

Drassodes lapidosus
(Stone Spider) So happy to have nature watchers like Billy Reid to share moments like this from the garden.

Tetragnatha extensa
Tetragnatha extensa is a species of spider found across the Northern Hemisphere. This specimen was captured at Abney Hall by Michael Anthony Brathwaite.

Thanks goes to John Holme for this photo of a Nursery web spider captured at Reddish Vale.